You have high demands?

We offer you a little extra!

With us, you have an experienced, skilled and powerful partner at your side, with whom you can flawlessly implement your projects from idea to tool construction, measuring technology to series production.
Benefit from our flexibility, our reliability and how quickly and efficiently we join with you to find the solutions for your challenges, no matter how complex.
In addition, we boast state-of-the-art technical know-how, such as a smart factory and smart management systems (ERP, BDE, CAQ), which meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.


Design is form and function

The earlier you involve us in your development process, the sooner you can benefit from our wealth of experience in the design and processing of plastic parts.
In the end, this not only saves time and money but also avoids subsequent corrections before and during series production.
Using our Moldex 3D simulation software, for example, we can perform filling simulations and warpage analyses prior to production, so that you are on the safe side right from the beginning.
This is engineering that lives up to its name, isn’t it? ?

Project management

Your project is our project

Our project managers support you in many ways in the implementation of your project, maintain contact with the customer, put technical specifications and deadlines into practice and are always a direct contact for you on site, whom you can rely on in every respect.

Mold construction

A high-quality mold always opens the door for success

Our in-house, air-conditioned mold construction is a service that our customers highly appreciate. It guarantees precision and quality right on site, because the quality of the injection mold is what ensures the high quality of the molded parts. You have just one contact, which is helpful when we’re working together from the series tool through to the series part.

Injection molding

A µ ahead of the times

Hehnke constantly invests in technical know-how so that we are always a µ ahead of the times. Thus, you will find sophisticated, state-of-the-art turnkey systems for the fully automated production of injection-molded parts, two-component and hybrid parts, and plastic–metal compounds. These include fully automated punching and bending integrated directly into the injection-molding process, machine vision inspection, electrical testing, marking, and inline assembly and packaging solutions.


Hybrid components

Plastic–metal combinations

Smart plastic parts for modern drives and electronic circuits require functional sensor technology. Hehnke develops solutions together with its customers to produce smart plastic parts. Conductor tracks made of punched and bent parts are overmolded to produce housings for various applications in sensor technology. This technology turns bushings, screws and pins into fastening solutions.


Punching technology

Boasting the precision and quality of the future

For success, you need the right partners.
You don't have to be good at everything, you just have to know the right people.

Looking for mass-produced punched metal parts that can't be beat for precision, durability and quality? With our strong partner „Creative Automation“, we realize your projects promptly, quickly and in high volume, at thicknesses ranging from 0.03 to 1.5 mm. Creative's proprietary, patented processes set new standards in punching.
We bring you to a new dimension.



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Additive manufacturing

3D Druck der Extraklasse

Additive manufacturing processes, known colloquially as 3D printing, complement our plastic injection-molding product portfolio.
Unlike other suppliers, hehnke can process the actual plastics for the final product using the ARBURG FREEFORMER, which achieves up to 95% strength – this means that even two-component parts, i.e., hard–soft compounds, can be produced in small batches.


Quality management

Exceeding the standard

Our quality management system, certified according to IATF 16949: 2016, is the foundation from which we achieve our customers’ goal of having zero defects. The quality management and assurance processes are supported by a CAQ system and state-of-the-art optical–tactile measuring equipment, as well as a computer tomograph.