Responsibility is part of our nature – We work sustainably

A world without plastics has become unthinkable in this day and age, and yet not all plastics are created equal.
At hehnke, we are aware of our responsibility in this and only use or produce prime plastics which, on the one hand, are so robust and superior in quality that they last a particularly long time and on the other hand, of course, are fully recyclable.

Let's just imagine our world WITHOUT plastic...

Climate change concerns everyone and does not end at our doorstep. Hehnke also assumes responsibility for future generations! With the introduction of a certified energy management system in 2009 and our investments in recent years in an energy-efficient plant and machinery, we offer our customers and partners sustainability and security for the future. We cover about 20% of our energy requirements via two large PV systems.


Next generation

Next generation Investing in the future means providing sound training for our youngest future employees.


Hehnke supports sports clubs and maintains goal-oriented cooperation with educational institutions in the region, such as the Talent Company at the state regular school Steinbach-Hallenberg. The youngest schoolchildren are already learning 3D printing in our youth enterprise workshop. This enables us to foster young talent at an early stage. Thanks to our cooperation with the Eisenach-Gera University and our dual-study program, our young middle management enjoys a strong education from the very beginning.