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Our customers rely on our knowledge and experience in the design of plastic parts and the processing of plastics for their products, ideally as early on in the development process as possible. Countless customers have recognized the tremendous benefits of our services and take advantage of our expertise in the development phase to avoid expensive errors and modifications just before or even during series production.

Thanks to simulation software (Moldex3D), we can conduct insightful filling simulations and warpage analysis before the tools are constructed. 


Project management

The realization of comprehensive projects as a system supplier is a mandatory requirement of our customers. Our project managers form the vital link to our customers, implementing specified technology, ensuring that deadlines are met, and serving as the direct contact in case of problems.

Formenbau Hehnke

Mold construction

Our in-house injection mold construction services ensure unparalleled precision and flexibility.  Tool quality is of central importance in the injection molding process, and a high-performance injection molding tool guarantees outstanding quality of molded parts. hehnke provides consultation, series tools and series components from a single source. We team with experienced partners for turnkey systems for the fully automated manufacture of hybrid components.

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Injection molding

Growing customer demands on product quality and reliability are met with innovativeness and dedication to advanced technical know-how. Consequently, Hehnke invests in highly sophisticated turnkey systems to automatically manufacture hybrid components, including fully automated punching and bending integrated directly into the injection molding process, machine vision inspection, electrical testing, and inline assembly and packaging solutions.
We are committed to transforming our customers’ sophisticated designs into plastic parts, delivering uncompromising quality from the project planning phase all the way to series production. Nowhere is this more evident than in the instruments, control elements and add-on components produced by our Interior division. Our specially trained staff ensures outstanding, consistent product quality to meet even the most demanding requirements.

» Our turnkey system in action (video)

Reinraumfertigung Hehnke

Cleanroom production

The ability to manufacture components under controlled cleanroom conditions is another way we meet the growing demands of our customers. In our cleanroom facility, automotive and medical device products are manufactured, printed and built into assemblies.



A quality management system in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 has been implemented in our company to guarantee strict compliance with the stringent quality standards of our customers. Our management systems ensure efficient planning of business processes, reliable controlling of effectiveness and utilization, and trackable quality assurance. The integration of these systems has already enabled us to achieve Industry 4.0 today and set the standards of the future.
Extensively trained technicians and state-of-the-art measurement technology make it possible to carry out detailed first article inspections and series testing. Tactile measuring methods combined with computer tomography lead to short development phases and rapid project completion, since CT measurements and 3D data comparisons are available at a much earlier stage than with conventional measurement technology.