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280319 March 28, 2019

Innovative Turnkey Automation System

To insert 28 plug-in contacts into a four-cavity injection mould in a cycle time of 30 seconds – that’s the latest technical challenge realized by Hehnke and ARBURG thanks to yet another innovative turnkey automation system including 3 six-axis robots, optical camera inspection und fully automatic packaging. Since 2019, it’s been used to produce complex hybrid parts for climatic sensors in the automotive industry.

0319 March 2019

The 50th ARBURG-injection machine

The 50th ARBURG-injection machine started up in the hehnke – technical center. Since 1995 is ARBURG an important partner of hehnke for innovation and automation. Only first shoot parts of new moulds produced hehnke in this technical center.

10092018 September 2018

Thüringer Wald
November 01, 2018

On November 1nd, we will open our doors to visitors. Visitors can find out about training opportunities, professional career and our technologies. We join – visit us!
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Keep Yorself-Festival June 2018

„Keep Yourself“ festival

Hehnke sponsored the „Keep Yourself“ festival every year in Steinbach-Hallenberg.

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07042018 April 07, 2018

11 regional industry trade fair in Steinbach-Hallenberg

Hehnke participated again in the industrial exhibition in Steinbach-Hallenberg. Over 60 exhibitors from industry and trade showed the strong economic power of medium - sized companies in the territory. Hehnke showed the plastic injection process, the tool shop and its quality department as well as some new processes like the 3-D printing and computer tomography of the industrial metrology.

30112017 November 30, 2017

All-electric injection moulding machines with EFRE

For already many years, energy efficient injection moulding machines and plants have been a solid basis of hehnke’s sustainable growth. In 2017, hehnke’s therefore invested EFRE and its own funds again into all-electric injection moulding machines by Arburg. More than 50 % of our production facilities are energy efficient now.

01092017 September 01, 2017

Thüringer Wald
November 01, 2017

On November 1nd, we will open our doors to visitors. Visitors can find out about training opportunities, professional career and our technologies. We join – visit us!
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11052017 May 11, 2017

Opening day for new buildings

A sunny spring day with hehnke. 160 visitors came to celebrate the opening of the production hall, which had already been built in 2016, the logistics center and the staff building. Visitors were shown all buildings and production lines in guided tours. They saw modern networked processes, new injection process technologies, the tool shop and state-of-the-art measurement technologies. hehnke invested 4.5 million EUR in a 1,700 m² production hall, 2,100 additional storage yards and a 700 m² staff building! Prominent speakers from the political community, like State Secretary Georg Maier, Member of the Bundestag Mark Hauptmann, Mayor Christian Endter and Partner Fonds` CEO Jens Stolze, confirmed the innovation capacity of hehnke, which was founded in 1995. The opening’s atmosphere was lively after entertainment acts with Michael Jeske, who is a member of the Meiningen State Theatre, of the music band “galaxy” and after the rousing speech given by Biathlon Olympic champion Kati Wilhelm.
The visitors donated more than 10,500 EUR for hehnke’s fundraising on behalf of “Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder Jena e.V.”, a Jena-based initiative founded by parents of children suffering from cancer. The best donator won a Biathlon shooting match with Olympic champion Kati Wilhelm.
As a picture is worth a thousand words, see here: Gallery

06122016 December 06-07, 2016

VDI Conference on Mechatronics and Polytronics

On 6th and 7th December 2016, Hehnke's management spoke about the "Production of Hybrid Assemblies on Turnkey Plants” on the VDI congress in Düsseldorf. Participants from the electronics industry, the automotive industry and science saw how Hehnke produces plastic parts with metal inserts in a fully automated process. Engineering, mold flow, fully automated injection molding and CT measurement are only some of the technical processes employed by Hehnke.

13092016 September 13, 2016

Thüringer Wald
November 02, 2016

On November 2nd, we will open our doors to visitors. Visitors can find out about training opportunities, professional career and our technologies. We join – visit us!
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26082016 August 26, 2016

Hehnke celebrates topping out ceremony

After only 5 months of construction, Hehnke celebrated topping out. The new production hall, a logistics center and an office and staff building have already been completed. Upon completion in autumn 2016, Hehnke will have additional 1,700 m² of production space, 1,100 m² of logistics space and 700 m² for offices and staff rooms. This additional production capacity will provide long-term development opportunities for turnkey automation.

21032016 March 21, 2016

Installation of the second fire detection system

Since March 2016 has Hehnke a fire alarm system in all manufacturing facilities. Therefore all tools of our customer are safe.

08072015 July 08, 2015

Thüringer Wald
November 04, 2015

Am 04. November 2015 öffnen Unternehmen aus Südthüringen ihre Türen und präsentieren Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten, Karrierechancen, Technologien und Produkte!
Wir sind dabei. Besuchen Sie uns!
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01062015 June 01, 2015

HYBRIDExpo 2015
September 22-24, 2015
Stand C2/C11

We will be exhibiting at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center at the HYBRIDExpo, the trade fair for the development and production of hybrid components and their application industries.

030315 March 03, 2015

ARBURG Technology Days 2015

The ARBURG Technology Days 2015 will be held at Arburg’s Lossburg (Germany) headquarters March 11-14. At this sector event, which was attended by more than 6,900 invited guests from around the world last year, Arburg will showcase some 40 exhibits on the latest injection molding and additive manufacturing topics. Expert presentations on state-of-the-art technologies and strategies will also take place daily. Hehnke will give talks twice a day about its experience in carrying out complex turnkey automation projects together with its system partner Arburg.

201014 October 20, 2014

Hehnke in "ARBURG TODAY"

Issue 56 of the German trade magazine ARBURG TODAY reports on the cooperation between Hehnke and Arburg and the realization of another highly complex turnkey system to manufacture sensor housings for electronic accelerator pedal transmitters.
The issue is available online at this link or you can access it from our Download section.

210913 September 21, 2013

Participation in the job information fair at the CCS Suhl and the Meiningen job fair

Hehnke is taking part for the first time in the 2013 job information fair organized by the Southern Thuringian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition to regular participation in job fairs in Schmalkalden and Meiningen, this was the logical next step to continue to be able to recruit promising apprentices and skilled workers for the company. We will be representing the company for the second time one week later at the job fair in Meiningen on September 28, 2013.

190913 September 19, 2013

Crefo Solvency Certificate

Hehnke has once again been issued a solvency certificate from Creditreform as verification of the company’s excellent credit standing.
020913 Septmenber 2, 2013

Hehnke named "2013 Company of the Year"

Hehnke GmbH & Co. KG was honored as the 2013 Company of the Year at the annual reception organized by the Southern Thuringian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on September 2, 2013. The jury made their selection based on the company’s impressive overall development in the past 18 years from a 2-person contract manufacturer to a major component producer with more than 80 employees. The award was presented to Directors Tommy Hehnke and Torsten Herrmann by Thuringian Minister President Christine Lieberknecht.
The management would like to thank all Hehnke employees, without whom this award would not be possible.

100713 July 10, 2013

The exterior is up!

Following 12 weeks of construction, the exterior of the new assembly hall and logistics center has been completed.

13 May 5, 2013

Start of construction on assembly hall / logistics center

Construction of the new assembly hall / logistics center has begun and is scheduled for completion in late September 2013. All logistics and assembly divisions will then move into the new hall and the vacated space will be used to expand manufacturing capacities.

091112 November 9, 2012

3rd Schmalkalden job fair in 2012

Hehnke participated for the third time in the Schmalkalden job fair November 8-9, 2012 to recruit apprentices and skilled workers. Numerous interesting discussions took place at the new, redesigned fair stand. With highly positive visitor feedback and outstanding interactions, the fair was a resounding success.

241012 October 24, 2012


A new ONI cooling system that consumes considerably less electricity than the previous equipment was installed at Hehnke in October 2012. This represents an important milestone in Hehnke’s sustainability project, which also includes the modernization of the drying system for plastic granulate (scheduled for 2013). Tests were conducted to determine the potential savings of the new system and confirm the sustainability of the new coolers. Hehnke was the first company in the German state of Thuringia to receive funding from the Thuringia Reconstruction Bank to promote such energy-efficiency measures.

070812 August 7, 2012

Fully electric 2K machine - the future of precision and dynamics

Hehnke is investing in new 2K technology to manufacture a component for a VW accelerator pedal. The fully electric injection molding machine from Arburg makes possible highly dynamic and accurate manufacture of this precision part. The higher acquisition costs compared to a hydraulic system will be offset by shorter cycle times and enhanced energy efficiency, which is particularly important in light of rising energy costs.

040512 May 4, 2012

Second 6-axis KUKA robot to automate height sensor production

Hehnke continues to be committed to flexible, high-precision technology to meet the growing demands of our customers. As of spring 2012, our first 6-axis KUKA robot has been joined by a second model. The new robot has been combined with a fully electric Arburg 470 A to manufacture high-precision components for a height sensor.

091111 November 9, 2011

Hehnke deploys 6-axis KUKA robot

As part of an investment in a new automation system for an accelerator pedal component for BMW, Hehnke has recently purchased a 6-axis robot from KUKA. Thanks to the close cooperation between KUKA and ARBURG, the control of the otherwise complicated-to-program equipment has now been fully integrated into the control system of the ARBURG injection molding machine. Time-consuming, complicated programming is now a thing of the past. The robot is independent of the machine and can also be used on other machines, which makes this investment particularly cost-effective.

November 9, 2010

Technical Center opened

Following 6 months of construction, the Technical Center and the new tool warehouse were opened in late 2010. A majority of mold proving tests now take place in the Technical Center. The adjacent meeting room allows customers to directly observe their injection molding tools being proven.
The new tool warehouse boasts twice the capacity of previous storage facilities and provides plenty of space to store the mold tools of the future.